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Husky FM

I don't know much about music, but I know what I like.

dakegra links to the Music Genome Project at You tell it an artist or song you like and it not only comes up with some others you might also enjoy but plays them for you, creating your very own internet radio station. If you love or loathe one of its picks you can make your preferences known to fine-tune the selection.

I told it I liked Paul Simon, which seemed the logical place to start. Within minutes it had deduced that I was also a fan of R.E.M. and the Eagles, as well as coming up with a bunch of other stuff by people I've never heard of, most of which was thoroughly listenable. (It tried to tell me I liked Bruce Springsteen, too, but I slapped it down pretty hard and it won't make that mistake again.)

I have trouble putting my finger on what it is I like about the music I like, though I know it when I hear it. Pandora features a 'Why is this song playing?' button, which tells you what it's discovered about your tastes. So now I know I dig:

  • mild rhythmic syncopation
  • mixed acoustic and electrical instrumentation
  • major key tonality
  • a dynamic male vocalist
  • a subtle use of vocal harmony
  • a vocal-centric aesthetic
  • acoustic rhythm guitars
  • folk influences

Obvious, really.

If you want, you can listen to my personal station by hitting 'Share' and 'Find a shared station' then entering my email address (which you should know by now). But you'll probably have more fun creating and listening to your own.

(Note that after a few tracks it will require you to register and demand a US zip code. I did what most Brits do in these circumstances and entered the only one I know: [Beverly Hills] 90210.)

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