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Deep and crisp and even

Not all that deep, admittedly, nor all that even, but definitely very crisp.

It snowed! It SNOWED!!

I went out intending nothing more than to take a few photos of how pretty everything looked, but needless to say before I'd got halfway down the road I was making snowballs to hurl at street signs, my gloves were stiff with compacted snow and I had it all down my front.

I was apprehensive about driving to my football game in the evening, but the scooter had been snug under his tarpaulin all day and started perfectly and the roads were clear. There was a large police presence at New Cross: almost 20 officers in hi-viz jackets, who had stopped four cars and were checking every possible hiding-place. They left me alone; there aren't many cunning hidey-holes on a scooter.

If they were looking for white powder, there was plenty of it about.

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