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Portsmouth to Rennes and back again: Friday

Having enjoyed a pleasant Thursday evening chez galahadwarhorse in Portsmouth, Friday morning's wind and rain found me facing a mere ten-minute journey to the port. On board the ferry, I met the collection of drowned rats who had travelled down from London after a 5 A.M start. We spent the crossing drying out and reflecting how nice it was not to be at work.

We rolled off the ferry and took an interesting tour of the back roads around Caen in search of petrol before hitting the autoroute in the direction of Rennes. Stopping at a service station for smokes or Jaffa Cakes according to personal inclination, we checked phones and learned that disaster had struck the other British group who had come via the Eurotunnel: one of their number had had a spill on a wet and diesel-covered road and dislocated her shoulder. Full marks to the French scooterists for retrieving her and her bike; zero marks to Norwich Union and the AA, whose European cover didn't.

We reached Rennes and found our hotel with time for a shower and change before the French contingent arrived to collect us at 7:30. After introductions and the kissing on both cheeks thing we were escorted in a scooter convoy to the town centre for pizzas.

The scooters were mostly X9s, with a fair few Burgmans (the continental models come with many more bells and whistles than the British get), one Aprilia Atlantic and my Nexus, plus a handful of geared bikes.

Conversation at dinner was lively in both languages, helped along by Eric, an irrepressible Belgian who was incapable of silence for more than a few seconds. Someone ordered a Coke: "Ah - Coke en Stock!" commented Eric. "Ah - Tintin!" I said, and entente cordiale was established.

We pleaded exhaustion and were back at the hotel by 11:30, ready for an early start to the weekend's riding.
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