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Let's Be Careful Out There

For part of the way home, I followed a guy on a silver Burgman with L-plates. We played traffic light tag for a while and I admired his Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket, thinking I would quite like one for the summer months if it came in red. Then I made a poor choice of lane and got stuck behind a bus.

A little way up the road, I saw blue flashing lights and heard sirens, and, as usual on the Old Kent Road, went Oh-God-I-bet-it's-a-biker.

It was. It was the guy on the Burger - or, now, off it and lying in the road next to his scooter.

I didn't stop to administer First Aid for Motorcyclists as there was already an ambulance with two medics in attendance, although the incident must have been less than a minute old. I just rode on, thinking: but he was right next to me. Pootling along perfectly competently, in his jacket, perhaps on his way home to his wife and a nice dinner, and now...Jesus fuck I want some gin.

I hope he's OK, and hasn't been frightened off his bike for good. I know it's in the nature of accidents that they happen quickly and unexpectedly, but the space of time in which the ride home can turn into a ride to Casualty still freaks me out.
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