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Pimp My Ride

Mostly for my own reference; a list of scooter modifications, with those completed crossed out.

  • LED rear indicators
  • LED front indicators
  • Brighter headlight bulbs
  • LED sidelights
  • Number plate light
  • Heated grips
  • Carbon-look bar ends
  • Carbon-look brake levers
  • Gilera valve caps
  • Malossi dark windscreen
  • Handguards
  • Replace petrol cap and other allen bolts with coloured ones
  • Replace brake hose P clips
  • Custom seat cover
  • Powder-coated wheels (black with red stripe?)
  • Philips Motovision bulbs
  • Carbon parts?
  • Malossi variator [Polini clutch]
  • Engine remap [Allegedly done]
  • Chrome front mudguard protector
  • Chrome mirrors
  • Chrome tax disc holder
  • Chrome horn panel
  • Rear mudflap
  • White wall tyres
  • Custom seat cover [Pull-on cover from]
  • Replace grips
  • Brighter headlight bulb
  • Blue sidelight
  • LED indicators?
  • Clear tail light lens and LED bulb
  • Iridium spark plug
  • Racing coil
  • Replacement Piaggio badge
  • Replace exhaust
  • Glove box net
Tags: scooter
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