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From Apache To Apaches

Thank you to everyone who came along on Thursday evening - especially to enteirah who made it all the way from Manchester, although I understand he had one or two other things to do in London that day.

I spent my actual birthday on an Apache course in deepest Farringdon. Could have been worse: we got a nice lunch, and finished an hour and a half early because we were so darn clever, so I was able to meet cybersofa at Southampton Airport Parkway at 5 rather than my usual 7ish.

Saturday was spent at RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day with cybersofa and sundry members of his bike group. A great show which ended with sixteen helicopters and three Sea Harriers blowing stuff up, carrying armoured vehicles around and winching marines up and down in a lengthy dummy operation. Real international incidents, of course, don't end with the participants bowing for the crowd amid the theme tune from Thunderbirds, but I for one can sleep easier knowing all that hardware is poised to spring into action.

Fellow-scooterist Roger had brought a bottle of champagne, which was highly irresponsible as I was the only non-driver present (cadging a pillion ride from my dad on the way there and from Howard outbound) but very kind.

In the evening I got to meet bekkypk for the first time, not to mention shorttermmemory. I was a bit nervous, as one doesn't meet close friends' girlfriends every day, so I probably drank too much too fast. Apologies, if necessary; at any rate, I had a lovely time.

The next morning I found ketchup sachets in my jeans pockets, because Ellie had felt bad about not bringing me a birthday present.
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