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Spills & Thrills

If you were in the Westminster area on Saturday, you might have witnessed an extraordinary number of motorcycles arriving en masse with a police escort.

Lucky you!

We were participating in the KillSpills Rally, protesting about the amount of diesel lorry drivers slop all over the place. It's dangerous and unpleasant for anyone anywhere, but especially for bikers on roundabouts, where it usually ends up.

I must admit, though, I was riding more for the pleasure of it than for the Cause. Riding in a group is always special, but when there are hundreds of you, police and marshals are blocking junctions for you and you can zip through red lights, and pedestrians stop and point and's an unbeatable feeling.

The car drivers who had to wait as we swept by weren't best pleased. But we were doing it for their good too.

No diesel on the road when I took Ultrafox up to the air show at Duxford on Sunday. This was my first major journey on the Nexus involving a pillion, and it went very well. Acceleration falls off a lot, but you can still reach an indicated 101. Plus I overtook a Jaguar on the A10 coming home.

The weather was typical Cambridge grey drizzly murk all day. An hour after flying was supposed to begin the Chinook took off, did a few daring stunts and vanished into the mist. They sent a Chipmunk up to check out the weather and entertain the crowd, and at four o'clock announced that flying was washed out.

Had I been a Battle of Britain pilot, I'd have greeted this welcome news by going back to bed or going up the pub depending on time of day. As it was, we grumbled collectively and went for a mooch around the trade stands and Museum. It was a fun day and a nice ride home, and I can send my ticket back to claim a discount on entry to the Autumn Air Show next month, so all's good.

They say that somewhere there's a plane with your name on it.

Mary Alice
Mine's a B-52.

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