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I saw it again and it was great again.

Even better for being in a group of fifteen, all of whom were either Lion King fen or fen of furry things generally. I can't wait to see the group photo we took by the Shenzi statue in the foyer.

Namecheck, cos we all like namechecks: amongst others, afya, akira114, wardy, bhata, laura_ruth, queen_jude and timato made the day all the better for their presence, not forgetting tktiger who organised the whole shebang and was down £110 until we all paid him back for our tickets. Rah TK!

We even managed the traditional Starbucks_DDR_Pub furmeet activities at various points throughout the day. I offered wardy my humble crashspace for the night and he paid for his keep by bringing the Red Dwarf Season 1 DVD. Brutal.

Oh, and here's a Disney prank somebody pointed out on the mailing list and which I confirmed with my very own eyes: Towards the end of the film, when Scar says "They think I'm the King" and the camera pans along a row of menacing hyenas - one silhouette on the far right is clearly no native of Africa but a Scottish Terrier. I'd like to see a fanfic explaining that one.

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