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Long Weekend

On Friday, spyinthehaus and slightlyfoxed came over for dinner and Team America: World Police. I hope the evening's entertainment was worth the £20 each they got fined at Bromley South for having the wrong kind of ticket.

I got a smattering of culture on Saturday: my first trip to the Proms involving actual seats rather than the central mosh pit with inflatable dinosaurs. In fact I was seated in a box, which delighted me utterly.

I knew far less about classical music than any of the six people I went with, but at least I recognised the William Tell Overture. Before the performance we went to the local branch of Ed's Easy Diner for Atomic Fries, served by a waiter who looked pleasingly like the Fonz.

Sunday was mostly spent cleaning and primping the scooter, with a break to go round to my grandma's covered in filth and sweat, eat her food, drink her coffee and present her with her birthday card a week and a half late.

Where was all the Bank Holiday traffic on Monday, then? Heading to the South Downs to meet a biker chum, I'd been careful to schedule time for sitting in a queue on the M25 getting hot, bad-tempered and late, but no need.

Did some nice roads; walked up Cissbury Ring (which is steeper than it looks in that photo) and back; wandered around Chichester looking for somewhere that served food on Bank Holiday evenings. At the country pub where we had lunch, I was asked to move my bike so another customer could park her horse.

Great long weekend. Need another one now. Roll on May.


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