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Gerbils on a Sunday

Pin is completely back to his old manic self. Yesterday I reintroduced him to Chip, and after a few minutes of inappropriate sniffing they seemed to remember each other (there's always the possibility of a bloodbath in these circumstances).

I've owned fifteen or so gerbils in my time and I have never seen one get better once it hit the hunched-over-and-bedraggled stage. Maybe it was the fluids and antibiotics; maybe it was the Anglepoise lamp aimed at his bedding for warmth, as recommended by Gerbils Anonymous. And maybe it was you lot and your good wishes and thoughts.

Obviously I loved the gerbs as soon as I got them, but now one of them has been at death's door and come back, I'm just crazy about them. I don't think I realised what a large emotional investment I'd made until I thought I was going to lose Pin.

Here he is last night, enjoying a pine cone (the gerbil equivalent of crack):

Pin, cone
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