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Resolution Nine

Well, New Year's Eve in my little town was quite a subdued affair. The gathering in the Square was smaller than usual, thanks no doubt to the enforced no alcohol zone, and not pleased to be told by the mayor "Have fun, but look after our beautiful town!" The countdown to midnight was pretty quiet, as was the bagpiper, so we couldn't join in properly with Auld Lang Syne as we weren't quite sure which line he was on. The cold, drizzling rain which started on the stroke of midnight didn't help the general mood.

There was nothing for it but to go home, first-foot with a lump of coal clasped in my Tintin gloves (you're supposed to be a dark male but I figured a dark tomboy would do) and crack open a bottle of gin which had cobwebs round the neck and had apparently been bought at a Spanish duty free some time before my birth.

It's been a reasonable year on all but the career and financial fronts, but those have been so disastrous as to affect everything else in my life. So my top resolution must be getting more proactive on the job front, getting on my temping agencies' cases constantly, scanning Media Guardian and and...and stuff. The thing is, that's what I was doing all last year and it didn't help an awful lot. Nobody can say yet whether the IT market will continue to spiral downwards in the New Year or if it will perk up. I just have to hope and persevere.

Ignoring the job business and associated loss of self-confidence and savings, a reasonable 2002. The biggest change was discovering the Lion King mailing list and thence the London Furs. The former brought me new friends and lots of ideas for fanfic; the latter brought me new friends and an environment in which I feel safe wearing a prosthetic husky tail and mewing a lot. And, of course, DDR.

I have written a surprising amount, all of it, alas, on the frivolous side. I have had some truly lovely reviews of my fanfiction which made me feel I had touched other people's lives for the better oh my God I sound like such a luvvie. I brought nigel molesworth and Harry Potter together at last, and got published in a zine for fans of school stories (hey, don't knock it - a copy goes to the British Library I'll have you know). And I got £10 for a review of pizza flavour Doritos.

Onwards and upwards!

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