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All of Life is Seven to Five Against

I went to see Guys & Dolls last night with mykreeve, who was in very good nick for someone who'd flown in from Mongolia via Beijing the previous day.

It's a far more lavish production than the Catford Amateur Dramatic Society version I saw a few years back, especially where the sets are concerned. The twinkly lights of Broadway! The Salvation Army mission! The Cuban bar! The sewer! The choreography was excellently executed too - though I believe denim hotpants are anachronistic for Prohibition-era Brooklyn.

Before I saw the musical the first time round, I had my doubts about it. I love Damon Runyon's Broadway stories, and I couldn't see how a stage show could possibly capture the rhythm and humour of his narrative. Yet it does. The dialogue is perfect and the plot, which draws elements from several of the short stories, suitably intricate.

Despite only having two memorable songs to its name, it's a thoroughly feelgood experience. I was smiling from the moment the curtain rose to the moment I was accosted by a Big Issue seller on the way out.

If I'd known Ewan McGregor was in it, I'd have brought my Robots merchandise for him to sign.
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