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Christmas is OT

Well, I'm back from addedentry's and have downloaded aaaall my mail, which took some doing. I was actually far more worried about my mailbox getting full and starting to bounce than about the pipes bursting or my scooter getting pinched. Didn't unsub from any of my mailing lists because I gambled on people not posting over the holiday, though there will always be those who insist on wishing the whole damn list a Merry Christmas and those others who me-too the sentiment. (Yeah, we all do it. Me too.)

Bulk of incoming was spam, natch, of which by far the bizarrest was the one announcing that I had won forty pounds of lobster. What it would be like after travelling here from the US I dread to think. If it actually existed, of course.

But there was some niceness in my mailbox. I was particularly cheered by someone from Finland who kindly let me know what Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds was called when it aired over there: Kolme Muskettikoiraa. There, don't say I never tell you anything useful.
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