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Heading for the hills

Yesterday was Ride to Work Day. I didn't pay much attention, since every day is Ride to Work Day for me unless I'm going up the pub later.

However, it's still National Motorcycle Week, and this I celebrated by meeting up for the first time with some local members of the X9 Owners and Riders Club. Although I don't own or ride a Piaggio X9, my scooter does share an engine with its cousin and the group welcomes maxi-scooters in general.

We met at notorious biker hangout Box Hill. I was the last arrival, having slogged through central London straight from work - most of the other attendees were self-styled Grumpy Old Gits who no longer endure the daily grind - and we set off in a convoy of seven: three silver X9s, two blue, my red Nexus and a bright yellow X9 bringing up the rear.

An hour and a half of beautiful roads brought us to a view over Epsom Downs, where one poor chap had a spill turning round in the gravel car park. He wasn't going to let the shock of going down plus a scuffed and leaky scooter spoil his evening, though, and once his mirror had been duct taped back on we set out again through Surrey's Little Switzerland.

The ride ended at a biker pub, the Black Swan (a.k.a. the Mucky Duck) in Ockham. We felt very smug seeing all the motorcyclists lug their helmets around with them, not having our underseat storage capacity, and nobody beat us up.

It was lovely to go out on a motorcycle ride and not feel like a bit of an oddity, to meet other people who use their scooter for pleasure and not just as a commuting tool and who ride an automatic by choice, because they happen to like it. Grumpy old gits they may be, but I can't wait to see them again.
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