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Improbability Sum Now Complete

Instead of going to see R.E.M. on Saturday night :( I dragged calgor, birthday boy insofox and Vicky to the Bromley Odeon to see Madagascar, which was a little choppy in the plot department but supercute. Hypochondriac giraffes voiced by David Schwimmer? Yes please.

Inso had brought his guitar over for our delectation, and I was inspired to retrieve my mouth organ from long neglect so we could do what I will flatter myself by describing as jamming. Add 'She's Not There' by the Zombies to the list of things I shouldn't sing drunk, please.

On Sunday, not_him_again drove kowarth and gray_matter all the way from Dorset to Bromley so we could visit the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy exhibition at the Science Museum.

The 'Science Of' premise has been getting progressively shakier since I went to see The Science of Star Trek at the BIC back in 1996 - The Science of James Bond was taking the mick, frankly - and there was little or no pretence that the exhibition was anything other than a collection of nifty film props. A couple of posters linking Deep Thought to the Theory of Everything about wrapped it up for science.

But we did get our photo taken in Slartibartfast's industrial transport thingy.

For lunch in the museum café, Paul had a cheesecake brownie and a pot of red jelly with a candy snake on top. We were all very proud of him.

Shortly afterwards I left to attend a computer games seminar at the NFT. I went to a panel on Lara Croft and one on James Bond, thus entirely missing several very nice planes flying up the Mall. Ah well - tomorrow I shall be setting off for the Royal International Air Tattoo, which should amply satisfy my craving for jet noise.
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