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Get Your Motor Running; Head Out On The Highway

On the NexusOn July 2nd I will be taking part in the 2005 National Rally, a motorcycle challenge in aid of MENCAP.

The rally finishes at Rugby, but riders choose their starting point and route from a matrix of linked control points. This means planning a journey length you're comfortable with along roads of your choice. I intend to ride 410 miles (according to the distances marked on the matrix; actual mileage may vary), starting at Yeovil.

ControlRouteMilesTotal miles
Outer Zone
YL Yeovil Start0
GY GlastonburyA37 - B31512525
SY ShaftesburyA361 to Shepton Mallet - A371 - B30812550
RO RomseyA30 to Salisbury - A36 - A30903585
AR AndoverA305725110
NY NewburyA34325135
RD ReadingA425160
AY AylesburyA4 to J9B A404(M) - A404 - A401040200
1 hour mandatory rest
Inner Zone
01 AbingdonA418 - A329 - B480 - B4015 - A41525225
06 CartertonA415 - B4449 - A4095 - B402025250
02 AndoversfordB477 - A61 - A4025275
27 WorcesterA40 - M525300
05 BromsgroveA3825325
19 MeridenM42 - A4525350
21 Stratford-upon-AvonA452 - A4177 - A46 - A429 - B408635385
1 hour mandatory rest
99 RUGBYA3400 - A46 to Coventry - A42825410

If you would like to sponsor me, you have these options:

  1. If you'll be seeing me in the next couple of weeks, I will wave a sponsorship form at you and you can fill it in.
  2. Email me with your name, address, the amount you'd like to give and whether you're eligible for Gift Aid (UK taxpayers). I will put your details on the form and you can give me cash or bung me a cheque after the rally.
  3. Donate on my page (credit/debit card; quickest option and best for international folks; £2 minimum).

Money is welcome, but good wishes are just as important :)

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