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And so that was Christmas

Christmas Eve, brimming with goodwill, I sent a txt reading '*%Merry Christmas!%*' to everyone in my address book (except my grandma, who hasn't turned her mobile on since she got it). Minutes later I receive a slew of sarcastic replies wondering why I sent a blank message. anthropuppy shrewdly guessed at the reason and informed me that texts starting with the * character come out blank. But of course.

Oh well, I had a nice Christmas thanks. Some of my more weird and exotic presents:
  • Two Biggles first editions
  • A furry ski hat with points like wolf ears, which if I were any younger I would insist on wearing to bed
  • 100 baking parchment squares, and 100 circles
  • Belle and Sebastian playing cards
  • Stephen Fry's book about Peruvian bears
addedentry and I gave each other the same Gap top in different colours, only I bought his in the pre-Christmas sale.

And so the festive season drags on, with nothing to do but eat chocolate, read my presents and watch incredibly poor BBC renditions of literary classics. It's a hard life.

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