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The Usual Suspects

st_crispins and galahadwarhorse both want a list of ten celebrities I find attractive.

  1. Jon Pertwee: Camp posh old man. See also John Le Mesurier.
  2. Humphrey Bogart: He's Bogie. I don't just find him attractive, I want to be him.
  3. Timothy Dalton: Distinctly lupine and my favourite Bond by miles.
  4. Scott Bakula: Nice eyes. Cute. I like the grey forelock.
  5. Gene Wilder: Everyone thinks Gene Wilder is cute. Don't they?
  6. Steve Martin: White hair, baby face; irresistible combination.
  7. Leslie Nielsen: This isn't even an 'older man' thing, it's an old man thing.
  8. Robin Williams: What, you've never watched Mork & Mindy and thought 'ooh, cute smile'?
  9. Don Adams: I had a huge crush on Maxwell Smart for years. Brilliantly funny, does a good Bogart impression.
  10. Honor Blackman: It's that gravelly voice and the naughty twinkle in her eyes.
Jon Pertwee Humphrey Bogart Timothy Dalton Scott Bakula Gene Wilder
Steve Martin Leslie Nielsen Robin Williams Don Adams Honor Blackman

Draw your own conclusions, and consider yourself tagged if you haven't done this thing already.


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