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Sweet squeaks

On Monday I kept resolution #2 and acquired two gerbils through the pages of Loot.

When I got my first gerbs at around the age of 8 (precisely the age of 8, in fact; they were a birthday present), I named them Bubble and Squeak. I clearly haven't made much progress on the christening front, as I've landed this pair with 'Chip' and 'Pin'. Chip is an agouti (or 'brown', in layman's terms) and Pin is dove (grey).

Their seller warned me not to get them out of the cage on their first night as they'd be feeling anxious and might go into shock. So I popped them into their Rotastak Superpod and they immediately started ramming cheerfully around this exciting new world, having particular fun with that old rodent favourite the exercise wheel.

If you've kept small pets, you'll know that the wheel a) never loses its fascination and b) makes enough racket to wake the dead. Poor long-suffering calgor, who had already driven me to Streatham and back to collect the little darlings, looked at Chip running tirelessly in the wheel, looked at me, and said: "Well, as long as they make you happy."

They're not very playable with yet, being quite small and fast, but they're entrancing to watch; I've suggested that we ditch the cable package in favour of 3D Gerbilvision. They eat, they beat each other up, they have sudden frantic bursts of activity, they fly into a panic for no apparent reason. I can relate.

And no, they won't be getting their own LiveJournal.

The Veteran
You scored 76%!
You've picked up the majority of the classic rock basics. You probably have a classic rock collection and can sing along with most of the songs on your local radio station. This is not the highest score, but it is arguably the best: that subtle combination of impressive knowledge and not being a pretentious geek.
Link: The BASIC classic rock Test written by allmydays on Ok Cupid
Via the_maenad.
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