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I had breakfast at the Ritz today.

The occasion was a seminar entitled 'Fixing broken links - Reconnecting web strategy with business and communications', to which my boss had been invited but had to pull out due to being on holiday in Italy this week.

I was disgustingly late. Whenever I start to think that I've got The Knowledge, London turns round and bites me. I not only mislaid the Ritz, I mislaid the whole of Piccadilly. When I found it I lost another ten minutes negotiating a nest of one-way streets, then all the motorcycle bays were full and I had to squeeze half-in, risking a parking ticket and setting off the alarm on the Fazer next to me.

The hotel staff were extremely polite to me given my appearance (I suppose I could have been an eccentric billionaire), contenting themselves with asking whether I had 'formal dress' on under the hi-viz and Kevlar overtrousers. I snuck into the Marie Antoinette Suite to find everyone looking very smart and posh and raptly at the speaker, and in my flustration completely failed to register that I had plonked myself down opposite the_heiress.

At the end of the first presentation the immaculate lady to my left started talking about her recent business trip to Ecuador and I felt even hotter and scruffier and outer of place. But then the chap next to me asked "Good journey in, was it?", Kellie drew my attention to her existence, breakfast turned up, and I stopped wishing I'd just gone to work.

The seminar was nothing I hadn't seen before, though it's always fun to laugh knowingly at PowerPoint slides of other people's web design disasters, and the breakfast wasn't all that either. The smoked salmon was good but the scrambled eggs tasted of porridge. And I kept running out of coffee; I expected a minion with a silver pot to be at my elbow constantly topping me up, but no such luck.

But hey. I had breakfast at the Ritz today.

Jon Pertwee, phwoar
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Via ggreig.
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