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06/05/05: Catwater

Growing up middle-class, one of the first words of French I knew was chateau. I must have seen almost as many castles in France as I've had omelette and chips, particularly on two previous holidays to the Loire, and to be honest I could live without seeing any more.

The usual suspects
Also, isn't my scooter small?

Before Saumur, we visited the biggest dolmen in France, and possibly the only one in the back garden of a pub too, and afterwards we dropped in on a mushroom museum but decided the entry fee was a little steep for the limited delights on offer within.

Mick wanted to play with John's GPS and I wanted to pay back, I mean repay, Howard with a pillion ride on the Granturismo, so the three of us went on a fact-finding mission to the next village to ascertain whether its only restaurant would be willing to serve eight bikers that evening. On the way to dinner I also had a go on the pillion of Roger's Silver Wing, which was quite the most comfortable motorcycling experience of my life. I couldn't possibly drive one; I'd just fall asleep at the helm. It was like doing 60mph in an armchair.

Going to the restaurant in passenger mode meant that I could drink properly, which was probably the cause of such wanton behaviour as ordering snails in order to put other members of the party off their entrées and stealing Howard's dessert. Well, it was the last night of the holiday.

Pillion ride: action shot by cybersofa

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