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03/05/05: The Little Wolves of La Banne

As the first down to breakfast in the morning, I was rewarded by a right earful from the manageress about the noise which accompanied our late arrival. I explained that I was desolated, that ordinarily we wouldn't be rolling in at one in the morning and that me, I went to sleep immediately, with no showers, noise or doors (adding a little pantomime of me going Zzzzz). She said "Bravo," but still didn't seem very happy.

cybersofa and I hit the streets in search of postcards, coffees and other holiday things. I soon noticed a large number of husky-themed souvenirs in the shops and enquired whether one made the mushing here and if one could see huskies in the summer. We were directed to a neighbouring village and Les P'tits Loups de La Banne.

I took cybersofa on my pillion, since he wasn't keen to do any more driving just yet and I was slightly more excited by the prospect of huskies than he. Two up and uphill, the poor little scoot just about managed 30mph with the throttle wide open. Thrill as we overtake a tractor!

We found the Chalet of the Wolf and let ourselves in to a large garden containing several large dogs, but there was nobody at the house. Since the canines seemed gentils, I played with them unsupervised until their owner drove up to show us round.

Husky kisses

The eight huskies were an utter delight, of course - even the ones who'd been hunting moles in the lawn and were proudly holding a limp damp body under one paw - fuzzy-coated, blue-eyed and eager to lick my face off. Their owner, Didier, was absolutely charming too; passionate about his furry friends as he explained their genetic heritage, the tricycle setup he uses to exercise them in summer, how high the snow had come in the winter (up to the kitchen window) and why one shouldn't keep a husky in a flat (not that I would ever consider such a thing, honest).

I thought I was pretty hardcore driving two kilometres to the next village after the exertions of the day before, but everyone else bar Mick and Julie spent the afternoon on a hundred-mile round trip - to which they were more than welcome.

Mountain Vespa

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