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I was disappointed that there weren't any superintelligent shades of the colour blue in the film, given that there were humanoids, fishoids and walking treeoids. But we did get sinister dragons, disembodied eyes, elves dwarves hobbits, and of course Gollum who was superbly creepy but suffered rather from sounding like Donald Duck.

We liked the Orc footsoldiers whinging about the poor conditions and food on the march; I wondered if the privates had names like Nobby and Chalky, which led addedentry to have the wonderful idea of Orc war poetry.

I don't remember Gimli being such a buffoon in the last one; obviously losing the entire Moria branch of his family taught him to look on the lighter side of life. And is it only me who thinks the hyena-thing jumped him because it wanted to mate with him? They were both after all squat, ugly and covered in ginger fur.

Frodo and Sam slouched towards Mordor, Pippin and Merry hung out with a tree, Gandalf came back from the dead (rah!) and everyone else got embroiled in a long and sticky battle that was mercifully wrapped up fairly sharpish. So nothing much happened really. But isn't that what second books of trilogies are all about?

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