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There's no one quite like Grandma

I'm back from visiting my grandma in St Thomas', where she had a minor op earlier today. It was only when my mum rang me to say everything was OK that I realised I'd been wandering about all day snapping and barking at my colleagues under a dark hovering cloud of worry.

I pootled over after work with my idea of what a person in hospital needs. From my limited observations, the main enemies are boredom, thirst and lack of fruit, so I brought physalis, grapefruit-flavoured fizzy water, Cloud Atlas and some of my extensive audiobook collection (for who could not enjoy Rufus Sewell's narration of Goldfinger?), as well as news of how the outside world's been doing in her absence.

All's good, I'm pretty sure. Any further grouchiness on my part will therefore occur purely because I'm a grouch, rather than out of saintly granddaughterly concern.
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