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Casual Day Has Not Gone Far Enough

Ah, Dress Down Friday, the day when everyone else in the office looks like I do on the non-dress-down days. Why can I never look smart? Is it because I don't possess the pink, close-fitting, short-sleeved, ribbed top that seems to be obligatory female workwear these days? Or just that I resent spending money on clothes I don't actually like?

Of course, as Saint Dilbert points out, Casual Day sucks because it doesn't extend to jeans, T-shirts or anything else that falls under the heading of comfortable, cool and representative of the wearer's personality. It might be nice for the CEO to take his tie off one day a week, but personally if I can't go to work in my Calvin & Hobbes sweatshirt and camo-print trousers I'm not interested.

Another Friday perk is the big plate of pastries in the kitchen. We suspect they're actually left over from a meeting yesterday - it's impossible to eat comfortably in meetings because someone's bound to ask you a question just when your face is full - but when it comes to cinnamon coils stuffed with raisins and a cherry on top, I'm not fussy.

According to the thermostat it's 22° in here, so why am I still frickin' Friesian? (That's when you're so cold you go black and white in patches.)

(P.S. I couldn't find the exact Dilbert strip I had in mind. Still, it's not every day you get the excuse to type 'alice pants' into Google.)

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