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"Oh, John!" "Oh, John!"

I wasn't exactly surprised to find tmbg_fanfic, a community dedicated to They Might Be Giants slash, but I was a little...startled.

John propped himself up on his elbows. His voice was filled with apathy. He spoke quietly, and in monotone. "... Look if you want to be the rough one that's fine. Make me the bitch, ok?"

I didn't know John's dad's name. So i didn't use a name. Bitches. I also made his daddy sound like the incredible hulk.

A break...? You mean break up the band? But Jack, baby, I can change... I can try to be more of what you need... in a mate -- in a bandmate!

Really REALLY really sad. Seriously. I wrote it when I was really depressed, and I still cry when I read back on it. I'm warning you. And so TOTALLY based on John Lennon's murder. In the light of the 24th anniversary, and stuff.

As good as it felt cuddling, Flans soon became eager for more. Now that everything was in the open and John's glorious body was actually there for the taking, he realized he was ravenous for it. With a movement that was surprisingly rough, he pushed John backwards until he was lying down on the couch. He held him down by his shoulders.

verlaine: I have added 'polybalamory' to my Interests as per your instructions. What shall we do now?


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