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My So Called iLife

Having bought all the Apple products I can sensibly own myself - for now - I am forced to turn my zealous fervour onto others. So this afternoon I accompanied spyinthehaus to the Apple Store to help him decide he needs a Mac to replace his defunct laptop.

In my capacity as designated Mac Person, I was supposed to provide expertise on processor speed, RAM, compatibility and so on. Instead, my persuasive schtick consisted of "If you buy an iBook, you'll have iTunes, and you can put all the music you own onto it, and then you can buy an iPod Shuffle."

This seemed to work just fine (sorry, slightlyfoxed).

I could happily spend entire weekends in the Store, stroking the technology and watching the beautiful people. While I was thinking about this, and about the nice young man I once saw at the Genius Bar reading an Asimov novel and wearing a They Might Be Giants tour T-shirt, I had what I modestly believe to be the idea of the century.

Singles Night @ the Apple Store!

Think on't. What better way to meet cool, intelligent, different-thinking folks? Just pop on your square-rimmed glasses and obscure indie band badges, tuck your TiBook under your arm and sally forth to snag the pencil-necked geek of your fancy. I related my plan to Dan and E, and within moments we had refined it to include beaming carefully-constructed iTunes playlists to potential mates over a wireless network.

The only drawback I can see is that everyone would be trying to get off with the staff (who are very beautiful indeed, and in many cases Californian) in the hope of getting discounts.

I have bunged off an email to Apple UK's PR department, and I confidently expect them to take my idea and run with it. This time next year, I will be receiving grateful emails from happy nerd couples who want to name their babies after me. And I...I shall be renowned far and wide as the iCupid.

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