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Friday Great Things

Neat CSS trick: Highlighting the current page in a navigation menu.

I've known about this for a while, but I'm currently implementing it on one of my own sites for the first time and although I can see perfectly clearly why it works I'm still amazed it actually does. Brilliance!

Apparently it's not great from an accessibility point of view as no page should contain an active link to itself in the first place. But for a pronto fix without all that tedious mucking about in JavaScript, I'm well impressed.

(RSS feed: hicksdesign_uk.)

Appalling cover versions: I love it when a band I like covers another band I like, and the more unlikely the combination and ghastly the resulting sound the better. Prime example is the Cure covering the Doors' 'Hello, I Love You': genius meets genius, aural train wreck ensues.

On a rampage through the iTunes Music Store last night, I decided to purchase a virtual copy of one of my favourite R.E.M. albums, Lifes Rich Pageant [sic], since I only own it on vinyl. One of the bonus tracks on the re-release is, of all things, a cover of the Everly Brothers' '(All I Have To Do Is) Dream'. A fairly uninspired, straightforward rip, but rather sweet nonetheless.

Not five minutes later, I run across They Might Be Giants doing 'Caroline, No' on their recent EP. Again, they play it surprisingly straight, which in this instance is entirely the wrong thing to do. Really, Johns, you must know you can't sing, so if you simply have to cover one of the greatest harmonies of all time you could at least have a little fun with it.

Dire. I love it.

cp_journalcomic: charming slices of life from LiveJournal's official cartoonist. (Yes, it was the iPod one that sold me.)

And finally: cybersofa kindly animated my latest usericon.

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