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This excellent post by jiggery_pokery not only led me to 20 Questions to a Better Sense of Humor but to have a proper think about what makes me tick, rather than simply gacking the test, going 'Isn't that amusing?' and running.

Sunny/Dark: 3/10
drY/Gross: 3/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 6/10
Active/Passive: 9/10

You are a SYO--Sunny Dry Offbeat. This makes you a Sly Boots.

You are the cutest! You come off so nice and sweet that people don't think you'll be funny, and then SHA-POW you're pouring the Beringer and making gentle but searingly accurate fun of the people you work with.

If there isn't one of your type at a party, then I don't want to go.

You would never use humor to hurt somebody. You start slow and finish big, sometimes dropping little humor bombs no one gets until later. You know how people are always like, "Hey, you should invite so-and-so." You're so-and-so.

Of the 8992 people who have taken this quiz, 6.2 % are this type.

Your Active humor score of 9/10 means you are a comic house on fire. You are Def Comedy Jam (for the first five minutes, before it becomes repetitive and degrading). You are a library of witty rejoinders, in-jokes, ad-libs and meatballs. Yeah, I said meatballs. They're underrated.

The trick for you is to ease yourself into a situation, since you have the capacity to dominate. If you're socially well-adjusted, you're awesome. If you're kind of nervous and twitchy like Daniel Radcliff in the Prisoner of Azkaban special features, then there can be trouble.

Do I make you laugh, baby? Do I? Do I make you giggle, chortle, snerk, guffaw, ROFL, LOL, chuckle?

I exist to be funny. It's my defining characteristic and just about the most important thing in my life. I would rather be described as 'funny' than 'nice', 'wise', 'beautiful', 'generous' or any other adjective apart from 'best-selling-novel-writing'. When I am laid in my grave, I hope the mourners at my funeral will be standing around talking about what a great sense of humour I had.

Humour is my primary offensive and defensive weapon. Getting laffs validates me. It makes me feel clever; it makes me feel loved and secure; it makes me feel I've brightened someone's day. If I can improvise an off-the-cuff witticism, I bounce in a pleased manner for hours afterwards. If I can't, I have a stock of shaggy dog stories, I have puns, I have innuendo, I have extremely mobile eyebrows. I work hard at it; like Verence the Fool in Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, it amazes and distresses me when other people manage to make funny without having devoted a lifetime of study to the practice.

I get through horrible events by turning them into funny anecdotes. If a friend is troubled and I can't offer any sound advice or practical help, I go for making them laugh. I can think of only two occasions when I've been so depressed that my sense of humour actually deserted me (one was my first week at boarding-school), and it returned very quickly - though I was still thoroughly miserable, I could begin to extract amusement from my plight. I seldom wallow in self-pity, because I have too strong a sense of the ridiculous. If I simply must wallow, I exaggerate and go for full-on 'woe, woe, my life sucks completely and I shall surely kill myself'. If I've done that to you and you laughed, perhaps I wasn't exaggerating as much as you thought - but never mind, you gave me my laffs and that was what I needed from you.

Maybe this is all a form of escapism, of not properly facing up to life's problems. Certainly I'm your archetypal insecure person who would rather be laughed with than laughed at. But I like it that way. If being happy would make me less funny, I want no part of it.

In case I haven't indulged myself to gorging point already, I'd like to finish with a couple of lines from Noël Coward's song 'If Love Were All'. If I have a personal motto, then this is it:

I believe in doing what I can, in crying when I must, in laughing when I choose...
I believe that since my life began, the most I've had is just a talent to amuse.

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