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Everywhere you temp, always take the website with you

Whenever I'm temping, I take great pains to tell everyone what my 'real' job is. This is partly so nobody gets the idea I make a career out of sending faxes, but mostly in case somebody knows somebody who wants a website doing. And I've finally lucked out, as Camden Borough has apparently been thinking for some time about rewriting its intranet site to make it a little less...well...shite.

So I have two weeks of web design for the Metropolitan Police, which should look splendid on the old CV - all the more so because it'll be too top secret to show anyone. I also get an extra £1.50 an hour in recognition of the greater skill involved, which ties in with my long-held hypothesis that the more fun your job is the more you get paid (compare: rock star/street sweeper).

This is assuming I am not swiftly driven nuts by general incompetence. We were told initially that it would take a month for me to be granted internet access (I'm there for two weeks, remember). A couple of angry phone calls and I had my own login, but when I logged off for lunch, I saw that this workstation is in use and can only be unlocked by user Jones Alice. If they cannot even get my surname, let's not go there. Nor will I detail how I spent the entire afternoon trying to get someone to install Notepad on my machine so I could write HTML in it.

Notepad. I despair.

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