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"What do I need a cat for? I've got a girl."

It's nice to meet new people, especially ones who read The Saint and nod understandingly when you suddenly conclude that John Wyndham is the Raymond Chandler of sci-fi.

Last night was 1973's The Long Goodbye at the NFT with annacdotes and her buddies, followed by action replays and structural analysis at the Hole in the Wall.

I was fully expecting to hate the film, as everything I've ever read about it suggests that it will make Raymond Chandler purists froth at the mouth. But apart from the gratuitous yoga ladies, it was sheer brilliance. Elliott Gould does a superb job as Chandler's detective, mumbling to himself in a film-long cynical, likeable, lonely monologue. Despite sometimes uncomfortable proximity to Peter Falk's portrayal of Columbo, he is much more Marlowe than Humphrey Bogart ever was (though Bogie is still GOD).

Pretty scenery, peculiar villains, unhappy marriages and comic cops. I think Raymond would have been pleased. A great theme song, too, though apparently mine is the minority opinion on that.

Three pints of cider and no dinner makes Alice a hungover husky.

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