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Youth Culture Killed My Dog

My horoscope, according to Chat magazine's Cosmic Bern:

Baby news after you'd given up hope brings gasps of joy.

Oh, it's moving out then?

In other news:

  • 'My wife had quads SO I HAD HER SLIT FROM EAR TO EAR'
  • 'Terrorised by the perv in my manure heap' [he was sneaking on to a farm at dead of night in red spandex shorts to roll in their slurry while clutching a bag of women's undies]
  • 'My 82-year-old Internet Lover'
  • 'Save potato peelings, fry them up and sprinkle with salt and pepper for a snack that kids love'

And people wonder why I buy this mag! Chat teaches you just as much anthropology as National Geographic, and gives you the chance to win a month's supply of no-carb Bacardi Breezers.

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