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I started my new, skilled, confident biking existence by breaking down on the way to work.

It was one of those situations where lots of little bits of disorganised crapness combine and reach critical mass: the slow puncture I'd been going to ring the garage about as soon as I got to work becoming a very rapid puncture, the mobile phone I'd been going to charge up as soon as I got to work running out of juice. I guess the moral here is 'don't sort out your entire personal life in office hours'.

Happily I was able to turn my mobile on for just long enough to retrieve the number of my breakdown service, there was an unvandalised payphone box across the road and I had enough change to make a call. I spoke to a lady of supernal loveliness who promised to enter me onto the system as 'vulnerable' in a 'desolate area' despite the fact that I was standing beside the A2 in the middle of rush hour.

Today was also, of course, the one day I neglected to throw the iPod into my bag on the grounds that I don't need it at work. So it was a very dull forty-five minutes I spent waiting for my Knight of the Road to show up, as well as cold and drizzly.

No complaints, though. I didn't come off, I didn't have to pay a fortune for breakdown recovery, the tyre is plugged temporarily and I'm booked in for a wheel change tomorrow. However, I got to work to find my D-lock had fallen apart and won't lock. I've left it artfully arranged to look like a solid, working piece of mechanics, and I'm hoping the whole shebang doesn't get pinched. Feel free to add your prayers to mine.

Edit: Safely deposited at the bike shop for repair tomorrow.

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