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Don't Be A Statistic

Wise words, and so I spent today in the company of officers from the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police on one of their Bikesafe London Rider Skills Days.

Thirty quid buys you coffee, an hour of theory, more coffee, an hour of town driving, a greasy fry-up, two hours of country roads, then back for a lecture on locking your bike up properly, coffee, and a PowerPoint slideshow of gruesome fatalities before the certificates were dished out. Greater biking ability and increased confidence: priceless.

It turns out that I have spot-on rear but lousy forward observation skills - just call me Epimetheus - and I need to keep my eye on the end of the bend in order to avoid threepenny-bitting.

I was the only woman on the course and the only scooterist, thus single-handedly cutting out all the jokes the instructors were planning to make about women and scooters. (It's fun to watch policemen - sorry, police officers - be all politically correct; they had to keep substituting 'your significant other' for 'the wife'.)

Hot tip: the Met has been asked to crack down on PTWs going the wrong way round traffic islands. Not that I do that, of course.

Not since a burly motorcycle cop caught me at it round New Cross Gate a couple of years back and bollocked me so severely I cried, anyway.

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