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Painted Wolves in Portsmouth

Yesterday I did something I've been waiting and wanting to do for over a year, and I enjoyed it so much I intend to do it again as soon and as often as possible: I met le_loup_peint, the first and only African Wild Dog to grace my Friends list.

This distinguished canid is a rare and cherished visitor to our shores, though paws crossed she will take up permanent residence very soon and America's loss will be Hampshire's gain.

cybersofa very sportingly offered to drive me to Portsmouth and enjoy the D-Day museum while I passed the time with Louvé, raja_laba_laba and mythil in their wolf- and tiger-filled flat, watching Two Brothers, playing Trivial Pursuit and drinking more cups of tea in one day than I have consumed in the past three years. As a souvenir of the occasion, I was presented with a plush African Wild Puppy of my very own (now dubbed 'Louvette').

Keep the spare room aired, guys; I'll be back before you know it.

And I'll bring you some coffee.
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