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One of the nicest things about Christmas is finding out how well my family and friends know me, when I get so many gifts that make me go ooh! (OK, my auntie gave me something pale purple called 'body shimmer' and I have no clue what it does, but she made up for it with a smashing wolf calendar.) Selected highlights follow:

  • Worrals of the WAAF and Worrals Down Under from my parents (thus completing my Worrals collection)
  • Digital camera (OS X-compatible), also from my parents
  • Aces High on DVD from wardy
  • Volume 3 of the Man from UNCLE soundtrack collection and two Nancy Sinatra singles from kowarth
  • CD by Finnish folktronica ensemble Husky Rescue from addedentry
  • The Flying Book: Everything you ever wanted to know about flying on airlines from my grandma
  • Plush leopard from a friend at karate

My most bizarre gift was probably the Maplin Electronics kit for constructing an LCD message display, bestowed on me by my best-friend-from-school. I don't think I've ever been given anything that involved soldering before. (She also gave me 75cl of pink vodka, which might well be needed during the construction of her other present.)

Thank You to everyone who sent their festive regards by card, email or txt msg. You all helped make this Christmas a merry one, and I hope yours was likewise.


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