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Smells Like Christmas Spirit

Hurrah! it's December at last and I can start openly talking and thinking about Christmas. The anticipation actually starts just after my birthday in September, but it's not etiquette to discuss it then unless you're complaining about how early the catalogues come.

I'm very pleased with myself for finding an advent calendar with a wolf on. (There's also Father Christmas, a polar bear and two penguins, but they don't count.) addedentry plumped for a Harry Potter number with a chocolate behind each window and a tube of sherbet lemons for New Year's Eve, but I was brought up to believe that pictures-only calendars are the proper sort to have. And since when have advent calendars gone beyond Christmas Eve anyway?

For the last three years I have had a real Christmas tree, purchased as a teeny twig less than a foot high at a Women's Institute Christmas Fayre, tended to throughout the year and lovingly hung with special tiny decorations for the festive season. This summer, as it had doubled in size and sprouted so many new twigs it could no longer live comfortably on the kitchen windowsill, I decided to plant it outside and it promptly died. I blame acid rain.

So it was Woolworth's Winter Wonderland to the rescue with a nylon Economy Fir, 4' for £4.79, and a new record for Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Transported Home On My Scooter, narrowly beating a black and orange feather duster and a thirty-inch plush Simba.

Ho ho ho. What does everyone want for Christmas then? Assuming you've all been good little boys/girls/furs, that is.

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