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That's Why God Made The Movies

Everyone seems to be posting about the films they saw in 2004, so it must be time for me to post about the films I hope to see in 2005.

I've just taken out annual membership to the NFT, on the grounds that I miss lots of great stuff there because I don't know it's on and this way I'll get sent a programme every month.

For £24, I get one free ticket worth £7.50 and a pound off every ticket I buy. So to break even I need to see seventeen films, or take a companion to eight and a half films, or take sixteen companions to one film.

Easy RiderJanuary 6thGreat soundtrack, far-out adventures, nice bikes.* +
Team America: World PoliceJanuary 11thSouth Park meets Thunderbirds. Already booked tickets for this one, but join us join us!+
The Long GoodbyeJanuary 19thRaymond Chandler's greatest novel, though I can't say if the film's any cop.!
Tintin og MigFebruary 5thA documentary about Tintin, in Danish. Don't all rush at once. 
CasablancaFebruary 14thYes, I am a glutton for punishment.* + !
Brief EncounterFebruary 26thCan you believe I haven't seen this?*

* Film will make me weep copiously
+ Film will make me dangerously overexcited
! Film will make me channel the main character for the rest of the evening

Edit: I've just remembered I'll be in Lapland on February 26th! So if I want to see Brief Encounter, it'll have to be immediately after the showing of Casablanca on the 14th. Can I stand it?

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