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Dead or a Live?

I have a problem. No, not that one. This one:

I recently remembered the password for the LiveJournal I started for one of my imaginary pets, and reactivated it in order to comment in the journals of my poor poor friends who are just so darn popular they've been forced to disallow anonymous posting :P.

Now, I signed up with DeadJournal because the world and his dog has an LJ and I wanted to be different. But precisely because LJ is the standard, that's where all my friends are, so people are more likely to read and comment on a Live version.

What to do? Currently I'm posting to both, which is rather wasteful but luckily there seems to be no shortage of space on the Internet. It's also possible to send both posts almost simultaneously with a little cut and pastery, as the Classic Mac clients for uploading are based on the same code (Phoenix for LJ, Azren for DJ) and run quite happily side by side (I like to race them.) That way I can assert my individuality and go 'look look, I have friends'. Perfectamundo.

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