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The Clanging Chimes Of Doom

Spent the weekend hangin' with the HantsFurs at tktiger's and wardy's pad.

I lost my SingStar virginity at long last; it was unfortunate for my ego that my initiation was against an old pro like beaitchtwo, but probably good for my soul.

In other singing news, tktiger wants YOU! to record a line of Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? for the Tiger Tails Radio alternative version. Go here to learn more, but you can't have the line 'Where nothing ever grows/No rain or rivers flow' because I've bagsied it. ("No, we couldn't hear you singing at all!" assured everyone in the next room, smirking gently as I emerged from the studio.)

The main purpose of the visit was the Christmas meal at Southampton's finest restaurant OK, OK: at TGI Friday's.

Come to think of it, TGI Friday's probably is Southampton's finest restaurant.

Anyway, it was jolly and raucous. Some of our number needed to learn, though, that while releasing one tigertail balloon to fly around the dining-room making rude noises is hilarious, releasing fifteen in succession just annoys other patrons.

We also learned the BSL word for 'horny' thanks to See Hear, and I for one am shocked that the BBC is using my licence fee to put on programmes about polyamory for the deaf community at half-past eleven on a Saturday morning.

Oh yes, my cracker joke:

Q: What part of the fish didn't Napoleon like?
A: The bony part.

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