Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

She Said "You Don't Read Women Authors, Do You?"

From sloopjonb:

Instructions: Take this list of authors, remove those whose efforts do not grace your shelves, and bring the list up to ten by adding some more that do. New paragraph indicates newly-added authors.

William Shakespeare
Terry Pratchett
Douglas Adams
P. G. Wodehouse
T. H. White

Evelyn Waugh
Ray Bradbury
Douglas Coupland
J. G. Ballard
Ian Fleming

Deleted: Iain Banks, Jasper Fforde, Donald E. Westlake, Arthur Ransome, David Lodge. I was going to delete Shakespeare, but I have a copy of Troilus and Cressida for reasons I've forgotten. I may even have read it, once.

...I said "You're way wrong."
She says "Which ones have you read then?"
I say "Read Erica Jong."
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