Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Hip to Chav

My mum drew my attention to 101 Years in 101 Words, which might serve as a handy warmup exercise for the hundredwordsers, oneworders and NaNoWriters out there.

The cyborgs launched their Blitzkrieg on the Big Apple, and Dunk Watergate had the Big Brother blues. Back on civvy street, demobbed after some Mickey Mouse snafu ended with his U-boat in a tailspin. Cheerio, punk. Back among the lumpenproletariat: the psychedelic hippy peaceniks, the hip-hop bling bling gangstas, the avant garde It-girls doing the Botox bossa nova with that beatbox sex buzz in their DNA and acid in the hem-lines of their miniskirts.

He was a non-U Generation X beatnik. He had no mobile phone, no URL, no byte of the applet. Some called him a wizard of kitsch, hip to be cool. Others said he hot-desked brainwashed through virtual reality, pissed off with the sacred cows of the realpolitik but doing naff all. Now it was ceasefire for the whizzo eggheads' axis of evil; an awesome sudden death. Ad-libbing the F-word, Dunk popped the Molotov cocktail.

148 words including 61 from the list

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