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Thank You!

Just a note to thank everyone who came to my party on Saturday night. Thank you for coming; thank you for mingling so well; thank you for behaving yourselves; and, yes, thank you for bringing me presents, for no matter how hard I try to disguise it I am deeply, deeply mercenary at core.

Special mention to sci for a splendid costume, and to arakinuk's and clawz_skunk's matching 'Sweet' and 'Sour' T-shirts. Also to Ultrafox, who produced a bottle of tequila and a clutch of yellow limes and indoctrinated us into the fine art of the slammer. How fortunate that Owen and I should happen to own a dozen shot glasses!

If you weren't there: you were missed.

I'm feeling pretty damn content at the moment, y'know. I have such nice friends that I must surely, logically and by extension, be at least somewhat nice myself.

That, or I have nice friends with universally poor judgement.


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