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Yip yip yip yip

This morning, I went to Wing Yip to buy party food. Never let it be said that I don't put effort into my theme nights.

As always, I spent a fun hour gawping at everything in my rude and ignorant Western manner. I tried not to buy anything if I wasn't sure exactly what was in it and roughly what it might taste like, though I had a narrow escape when what I thought was a bag of sweeties charmingly wrapped in pink paper turned out, on inspection of the label, to be cubes of spiced pork.

Some things I didn't buy:
  • Almond Cordial with Fungus Dessert
  • Oat-Fiber Cubic Pastry
  • Black Soy Drink
  • Cream Prune Drops
  • A durian fruit
  • A live lobster
Luckily, you always know where you are with Pocky.

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