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Vive la France!

I'm off to France tomorrow. Find out why over at wings_n_wires!

We have a ferry booked, we have a hotel room (I made addedentry ring up to make the reservation, as he has French A level and I don't; should we ever go to Germany, or Ancient Greece, I shall be glad to do my bit), we have a Michelin guide, we undoubtedly have every important bit of paper except the one we'll end up needing.

I'm a little nervous, in all honesty. Although St-Omer is a short drive from the ferry terminal - far shorter than the drive from Lewisham to Dover - it's still a drive in the dark in a strange country. I have ridden on the wrong side of the road before, but in Rome and Corfu, where the rules are somewhat relaxed and I was the least bonkers driver on the road by a long way. In France they have traffic policemen. With guns. And priorité à droite.

At least I don't have to paint my headlamp yellow, which was always a feature of childhood holidays.

As well as this worry, and the one of getting shouted at on the ferry because I haven't parked my scooter properly, and of the scooter falling over below decks halfway across the Channel, there's the problem of the formal nature of the various ceremonies. What does one wear to a cocktail dînatoire with Monsieur le Maire? And what does dînatoire mean anyway?

I look forward to finding out!
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