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We're All Stars with Game Stars

We went along to Game Stars Live on Sunday, since it was a short hop on the DLR and my Game reward card allowed me to buy one adult ticket, get another free.

It's a long time since I've been to a computer game fayre, and I was worried there wouldn't be much for me. I am hardly at the cutting edge of gaming; I have a Game Boy Advance SP, which is certainly the sweetest thing on the handheld market, but my other game systems are an original PlayStation bought off a bloke I used to work with and a Mac running System 9. But it was a jolly jaunt.

Fun Things were rhythm-based Donkey Konga (though I can't really see myself buying a special controller shaped like a bongo drum just for one game, or for anything else come to that), a TV plug-in Tetris game with a special block-shaped controller (pointless but fun) and a set of lycra gloves on wires that detect hand movement, allowing you to play punch-em-up games using your very own fist skillz (I was embarrassingly bad at this, but I do want one. It will help with my karate! Really!). Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green didn't impress me overmuch, though I was pleased to be presented with a Squirtle keyring by one of the Nintendettes. I don't think I saw a single Mac game.

I didn't buy anything; I saw no killer app that set my world on fire and made me want to put down a deposit for a PS2. Instead I went home and had a good old button mash with Rival Schools, Street Scooters and T'ai Fu - Wrath of the Tiger, which was probably not the organisers' intention.
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