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Why I Didn't Like 'I, Robot'

In his introduction to 1982's The Complete Robot, Isaac Asimov describes the kind of robot story he read as a teenager in the 1930s:

'In the first class there was Robot-as-Menace. I don't have to explain that overmuch. Such stories were a mixture of "clank-clank" and "aarghh" and "There are some things man was not meant to know". After a while, they palled dreadfully and I couldn't stand them.'

What he said.

Apparently it's unfair and pointless to compare a film with a book that happens to have the same name (errr, why?), but do not get me started on what they did to Dr Susan Calvin, one of the strongest female characters in science fiction and a great favourite of mine, or I'll probably have an embolism.

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