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Fox Me

So, here I am, using Firefox.

I know I'm terribly behind the times, but it won't run on my OS9 iMac at home and work doesn't trust us to install software, so I had to log a helpdesk request to have it put on my computer.

I love it, of course.

Good Things

  • Themes. Currently running PalePurplePaws.
  • Popup blocking.
  • Having my favourite bookmarks in the Bookmark Toolbar *waves at favicon*.
  • Displays bordered boxes really nicely, ditto buttons.

As a bonus, having our website staring me in the face all day has finally kicked me into fixing a CSS problem over which I'd earlier gone 'fff, it's only Mozilla' and given up.

Bad Things

  • Opening new windows at full size, so I don't realise it's done it until I notice the Back button isn't working.
  • No ALT text on hover. I know this is IE wrongness, but so many people use it to convey information it's become essential. [Fixed! with the Popup ALT extension!]
  • For some reason, if I click on a link in an email it opens in two windows; I blame Outlook for this one.
  • Google search for "firefox theme dogs" unsuccessful.

A win, then. Now all I need is a new iMac at home so I can try Safari too...

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