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The Literary Husky

After the disappointment of Arctic Storm, I'm pleased to report that further husky literature has come my way which looks a lot more fun.

At the nice second-hand bookshop in Hastings, I purchased Ghost Husky by F. Haydn Dimmock for £2. With chapter titles like 'Long Tam smells Wolves', 'Death of a Thousand Pains!' and 'When the Dog Team went Fighting Mad', not to mention a list of illustrations including 'Slicker leaped, and man and dog met in mid-air' and 'Lying in the bottom, huddled in a dreadful, silent heap, were the men and dogs of the fugitive outfit' (bit of a giveaway, there?), this promises to be a gripping yarn indeed.

From comes Husky, 'a Thrilling Adventure Story' by Rutherford Montgomery - and with a name like that, what career could you possibly have but writer of exciting tales? This is a 1949 first edition in a gorgeous dustjacket, and imagine my joy when I peeked at the flyleaf and discovered that the book is subtitled 'Co-Pilot of the Pilgrim' and is about a dog who accompanies his master in daring airborne exploits! 'Every dog-lover, boy or girl as well as grown-ups, will be thrilled to read of their tough fight against nature and unscrupulous criminals'. I'm sure I shall.

Since you ask, yes, I do have enough sled dog fiction to fill a small bookshelf. Ever since I read The Call of the Wild and White Fang, you see, I've been looking for another husky book as good as those. I haven't found one yet, but it's fun trying.

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