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I'll be in my quarters at lunchtime, covered in taramasalata

Spent yesterday evening celebrating Owen's brother's birthday at Yamas!, our friendly local Greek restaurant. Robert's wife, Owen and I were the only people of the fourteen attendees who weren't paid-up members of the Labour Party.

As it was Saturday night we were afraid there might be plate-smashing hi-jinks, and we weren't wrong. It started gently, with the waiter who looked like Saddam Hussein balancing a bottle of wine on his head accompanied by Zorba the Greek. (The live music was rather good; imagine if you will real Greek musicians, on real Greek instruments, playing the James Bond theme.)

At ten the belly-dancer came on, but my moussaka arrived at that point so I didn't pay her much attention. From what I saw of her belly, though, it was very nice. Following the time-honoured tradition of humiliating the birthday boy we pointed him out as such and he was dragged from his meal to dance with her. We await the full-colour splash on the front of next week's Catford and Lewisham News Shopper.

This was followed by the plate-smashing, which was fairly restrained (possibly they were on a budget). Then Saddam had his next turn: with the help of a selection of attractive female diners, he ended up with five glasses of beer and a small candle on his bonce and danced out to great applause, looking rather like Thomson and Thompson when they go undercover in Destination Moon.
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